Our Approach

With over 30 years of experience under our belts, Synergy Business Associates are experts when it comes to our results-oriented programs that consistently produce high-performance leaders and teams. Our approach to leadership is experiential, transformational, and successful. 

In our experience, there are no shortcuts or tricks when it comes to educating business leaders, so instead, we created an experiential learning program that allows current and future leaders to flourish. 

We have learned that understanding the right responses to specific situations, rather than theoretical “how-to’s”, better prepares each participant for the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day work. 

While all of our educational programs are slightly different, they each include our foolproof 4 key focus points that, when used cohesively, result in organized and sustainable leadership.  

“At Discovery Air, the impact was most visible in the area of internal teamwork. That had immediate, clear and direct positive business implications enabling the team to be more efficient, do more, and enhance the customers’ experience while improving employees’ satisfaction and positively affecting the company’s bottom line.”

Discovery Session
A 90 minute, deep discussion on the challenges you’d like to tackle as well as background on Synergy.
Customization and programming
Based on each client’s needs, we take our 30+ years of proven training process and customize it to the specific gaps in different groups within the company. We create programs that ensure tight alignment, with specific needs for maximum results.
Execution and results
We have 3 levels of intensive leadership processes and on-line modules for easier access to making the difference you want.

Over the years, we developed tools that are necessary to succeed and we are extremely excited to share these results to enhance our client’s management team and potential leaders, and therefore, the success of their business. 

From our New York based offices, we have a wide global reach and have worked with companies of every size and business model. To learn more about our strategic perspective and delivery offerings, make sure to check out our Areas of Expertise.

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