At Synergy Business Associates we create and customize every client program to ensure it hits the right notes within appropriate constraints. With our end-to-end programs each participant creates a PSP (Personal Strategic Plan) that defines measurable outcomes over the duration of 3 to 6 months, depending.

These projects ensure tangible and measurable results as the benchmark of success. We design this structure with you but it is typically a monthly face-to-face session of 2 days with one-on-one or small group coaching in between these sessions. In addition to the ‘menu’ of distinctions we train people in, we focus our coaching on the specific results each person wants to fulfill.

Our experience has shown that over time people powerfully adopt new habits and strengths that impact their leadership within the organization. When delivered with a team or department, a culture of creativity, power, satisfaction and partnership emerges and strengthens. This always impacts the bottom line in our experience and we have the evidence to show.

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