Synergy Business is thrilled to launch our virtual training program, Leadership on Demand. Using our mastery of personal development, this program closes the distance between remote team members, increases productivity, and creates vital results so your organization can THRIVE in these ever-changing times. .


  • Sales Teams
  • Customer Success Teams
  • Human Resources
  • People Leaders
  • Executive Teams
  • And more

Requests from Clients

  • We want to be able to get short, powerful tools for our leaders
  • Customer acquisition is now our biggest need – we must learn new ways to provide
  • Inspiring leadership (or lack thereof) is on display right now

Current Outlook

  • 70% of civilian employees in the US workforce are not actively engaged in their work
  • 91% of millenials plan to stay in their current job for fewer than 3 years
  • 83% of organisation believe that leadership development should happen across all levels, yet only 5% implement

Results Feedback:

  • Within 12 months of bringing Synergy Business into our facility, we have increased gross sales by more than 39%
  • Synergy Business has given us a winning culture and they are unlike any training company I have used in the past
  • As a CEO, I’m more conscious of my style and my employee’s traits. This is already enabling me to better enroll them into our strategy
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