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At Synergy Business Associates, we use our long-established educational model to cater to each client. Instead of simply using “one size fits all” workshops, we  customize each program to fit the needs of the company and business model to enhance the learning experience and ensure the leaders are set up for success. 

We have worked with large corporate companies, government agencies, start-ups, our nation’s educational system, and even global non-profits.  While each program is unique, every one shares our core value which is education and training are most successful through experiential learning, and not by simply lecturing from behind a podium. 

Studies show that when lectured, most people only retain 10% of the necessary information, whereas those who are educated in a hands-on environment  remember over two-thirds.

Within each of our available workshops and programs, students will use experiential learning and real-life examples to become powerful leaders within their specific circumstances and career paths.

Over the years, we created a variety of offerings that  use our  educational techniques to increase company-wide confidence in leadership, productivity, revenue, and employee engagement. Some of these successful programs include:

While these options can be tailor-made to suit your team and business model, they are not the only available possibilities. 

If you do not immediately see an offering that is right for your team, we are happy to customize a program to fit your needs, please submit an inquiry so we can  create the perfect workshop!

This virtual program closes the distance between remote team members, increases productivity, and creates vital results so your organization can THRIVE in these ever-changing times.

With our end-to-end programs, each participant creates a PSP (Personal Strategic Plan) that defines measurable outcomes over the duration of 3 to 6 months.

Whether it’s growth-related, culture-related, or existing issues, our Synergy Business facilitators are experts at stepping in and making a difference.

We provide this structure to build upon our end-to-end leadership engagements or project facilitation with regular check-ins.

Our objective is to challenge you, inspire you, and champion you. We are your partners in achieving the success you want.

This day is designed to create a breakthrough in teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking. After this day, people stand together and on the same team.

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