Case Study #1: Global Digital Intelligence Company
When Synergy Business Associates began working with this global digital intelligence company, it had approximately 250 employees. A third of employees were located in the US, some were scattered across Europe and APAC, with the remaining majority located in Israel. Initially, we were brought to work with their team of C-Suite Executives. Read the full case study to see how we helped them.
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Case Study #2: Digital Marketing Agnecy
Synergy was first brought in to work with the eight members of their Executive team. In the previous 3 years, their organizational results had been static. No one was panicking, but they weren’t growing as an organization and no matter what they tried they couldn’t crack that. Read more to find out how we helped them create sustained growth.
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Case Study #3: Specialized Aviaton Company
This specialized aviation company was created from five different existing companies. They had five different organizational structures and five different company cultures. They’re in a high-stakes industry and their business relies on large, government contracts in general. Take a look at how we helped them navigate their organization's challenges.
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Case Study #4: Financial Technology Company
We were originally inserted into their Women’s Forum – an internal group for women. We were brought in to provide value for female employees working on personal empowerment and effective leadership. Discover how Synergy brought value to their organization.
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Case Study #5: Military Vehicle Manufacturer
This business was booming during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but as those wound down their business shrank substantially. Synergy brought in to work with the C-Suite executives to support them in navigating through their challenging business climate. Learn more by reading the full case study.
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Case Study #6: Top 5 Global Financial Institution
For this client we ran a series of 2-day workshops as a foundation for culture change. Part of the intention was to get as much of the mid-level population inside of transformational language.
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