Success Stories
Digital Marketing Agency
When working with a Digital Marketing Agency, SBA was first brought in by the organization’s head of HR to work with the 8 members of their Executive Team. For the past 3 years, their results had been static. Despite their own attempts, the organization just wasn’t growing.
Top 5 Global Financial Institution ($30B+ annual revenues)
SBA ran a series of 2-day workshops as a foundation for culture change in a large global financial institution. Part of the intention was to help shift the mindsets of the mid-level employees to empower transformation within themselves, and the organization, and provide a common language for them in this pursuit.
Global Digital Intelligence Company
When SBA began working with this Global Digital Intelligence Company, they had approximately 250 employees. Employees were primarily located in Israel, with about 1/3 in the US, and then some in Europe and APAC.
Specialized Aviation Company
This company was a result of mergers and acquisitions across 5 different companies, and company cultures, into a single organization. As a result, the Executive Team was having a hard time functioning together as a team, as many were used to leading the way themselves.
Financial Technology Company (10k+ employees)
What initially started as an engagement with this company’s Women’s Forum group, eventually expanded into a collaboration on their mentorship program. Our work with the Women’s Forum was not to solve problems within the group, but rather to support as needed in their empowerment journey.
Leader in Vehicle Protection
We worked with this global leader in vehicle manufacturer protection. As the external environment that was directly related to their business shifted significantly, their C-suite needed support navigating this challenging business climate.
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