The Synergy Business Associates list of clients includes organizations of all sizes; global non-profits, government agencies, our national education system, high tech start up’s and some of the world’s largest corporations. In each case, we have formed a deep and lasting partnership that is focused on growing their impact and results.

Some of our experience working in the U.S. includes:

JP Morgan

The Massachusetts Police Department


Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)

Paris Art Label Co. Inc.

Phase2 Technology

Cellebrite Inc.

Broadridge Financial Solutions

And Internationally with:

Discovery Air

Cellebrite Ltd.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, South Africa

Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison, South Africa

Plasan Sasa Ltd.

The Canadian Government; Deputy Ministers


Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

“I am the founder and CEO of a boutique digital marketing company, and both myself and members of my team have attended and completed the Synergy Leadership trainings. On both a personal and professional level, I could not recommend the trainings more. These workshops have enhanced our business, in the most positive way possible – and the members of my team echo this sentiment as well…”

Jennifer Spivak
Founder and CEO, JS Digital Marketing

“The entire engagement was fantastic – and that is coming from someone who does not give that kind of praise easily – and each distinction is ringing throughout the organization already.”

Sheila Venman
Vice President, Human Resources and Communications, Discovery Air Inc.

“… within 12 months of bringing Synergy Business Associates into our facility, we have increased our gross sales by more than 39%, started an entirely new division within our company and went from gross sales of $40 million to $55 million plus in 12 months. I know without question, that by re-energizing my leadership team, this result became possible. The investment I made now seems insignificant given the outcome.”

Ron Tarantino Jr.
Vice President, Paris Art Label Co. Inc.

“For me, the Synergy Business Associates approach was clearly different from the leadership sessions I’ve attended in the past… In a very positive way. I truly feel that this approach forced me to apply the concepts along the way. As a result, I’m more conscious of my style and my employee’s traits. This is already enabling me to better enroll them into our strategy.”

James H. Grady
CEO, Cellebrite Inc.

“Synergy Business Associates is unlike any training company I have used in the past. Their focus on experiential learning really sets them apart and we are excited to integrate their technology across the entire company.”

Nicole Lind
Executive Vice President, Phase2

“The countless powerful exercises, tools, discussions, introspections and breakthroughs have had a lasting impact on the way I now experience various aspects of life; whether professionally, personally, or socially. I believe I am better prepared to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of being an impactful, inspiring, and accomplished leader.”

Hussein Michael Tahan, PhD, RN
Director of Nursing Research & Education, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
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